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About Us

The United Cook Inlet Drift Association (UCIDA) was incorporated in 1980. UCIDA’s purpose is to enhance and perpetuate the interests of the Upper Cook Inlet commercial drift gillnet salmon fishing industry.

Wild Alaskan salmon have been commercially harvested in Cook Inlet since 1882. UCIDA’s Board of Directors and staff work to promote responsible management to ensure the long-term health of the salmon resource and the resulting opportunities and benefits it provides.

The day-to-day work of UCIDA covers an extremely broad range of issues that ultimately affect salmon, their harvest and/or marketing. These may include fishery management, invasive species, oil and gas lease sales, navigation issues, endangered species acts, oil spill response, local, state and federal regulatory issues and both state and federal litigation.

The nine members of the Board of Directors serve staggered three-year terms. Elections are held at annual membership meetings. Members (Upper Cook Inlet drift gillnet permit holders) and Associate Members are encouraged to attend all Board meetings.

The current Executive Director is Roland Maw. Dr. Maw has an educational background in zoology and biology and holds a PhD in Forestry, Natural Resource Management. Grizzly and Black Bear Management was the focus of his doctoral studies. He is co-author of Fishing Canada’s Mountain Parks. Roland is an Upper Cook Inlet drift gillnet permit holder and has served on the North Pacific Anadromous Fish Commission as well as numerous other state, and local, boards and commissions.


Office Manager – Audrey Salmon –

Executive Director – Roland Maw –   F/V Americanus


Board of Directors

David Martin, President   F/V Kaguyak

Erik Huebsch, 1st VP   F/V Williwaw

Ian Pitzman, 2nd VP    F/V Stephanie Anne

Paul Mackie, Sec/Treas   F/V Lorri Lee

Ilia Kuzmin   F/V Currency

John McCombs   F/V Katydid

Lavrentii (Larry) Reutov    F/V Intrepid

Steve Tvenstrup    F/V Alaskan Lady

Dyer VanDevere   F/V Swift Arrow